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FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 12:00am PDT
debate. will joe biden's tendency cause deceit? a fair and balted report theks. plus, what hollywood power couple is getting separated and getting a divorce? the short story coming up. and finally, what happens when bill schulz goes out on on the street to get people's opinion on a giant perris wheel. hopefully they gut him like a pig and then waive his end trails as he screeps in unimaginable paper. >> thanks, andy. >> welcome. >> how is the little bus doing? >> very well. november 28th to december 3rd starting in florida through alabama and tennessee. but as you know i have made some hiring mistakes. every time i go to check in to see how things are going they never seem to be working. thng we have some tape. >> andy, that's the driver. >> is that right? >> yes, that's the driver. >> i thought that was ernesto. >> ernesto had a tragic accident. >> i see he spread his love of dance before that happened. >> i want robert to hold this up and aim it at his mouth. >> again? >> yes. >> you are the amazing caw -- collasal man. there you go. now go like that. >> boy, oarvetion boy. boy, oh
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
and the co-host of the anthony and opie show. >>> so did a toothy grin reveal a man unhinged? joe biden often looked amused and was quick to laugh, but was it a winning smile? after president obama's sleepy performance last week, they applauded the vp forbearing his teeth, his approach to paul ryan. and republicans also found his lecture -- his laughter infectious. i mean, infuriating. she call joe disrespectful and buffoonish. can we roll that? >> i think that was the wrong clip. i apologize. jedediah, you said you thought biden crushed ryan, and as a result you are changing your vote. >> yes, i am changing my vote today. biden is such a likable guy sometimes. i find myself feeling like i would like to grab a coffee with him or go to my old neighborhood and curse with him as he often does. this was angry biden. this was crazy biden. i have an expression for everything. i have a laugh. this was cackling biden. i don't think it served him terribly well except he was aggressive. i think it fired up the base a little bit if that is a good thing. >> i think that's right. professor, welcome back.
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
if joe biden crashes and burns. >> i would rather watch my grandmother's funeral than watch that debate. it will be awful. >> i was a bartender at that event. >> bill, everybody said biden is going to do terribly. he may win the expectation game. why are expectations so big? >> it is all crap when their supporters say how great they will do. it is all crap. after the last debate, it is a whole new ballgame. >> he is second, that is not clean up clean up comes fourth. >> i have been hear august lot of sport metaphors, and i what wanted to join in. >> i talked to a well connected democrat who just said the thing that captured the whole thing. who on earth thought this woman said that joe biden would be playing backstop for us. >> as long as he doesn't ask about the people who work in the 7-eleven's in delaware and we will be fine. >> he speaks off the cuff, and does it sound racist? sometimes it does. what is important to remember here is the fact that this has come out. it will be completely unbiased. >> that's the whole point. >> why are the campaigns talking about this? they are talkin
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-bowles one. let's bring in the panel for analysis. brit hume and joe trippi. okay, brit. your thoughts? >> well, you are right, governor romney came out. he was aggressive. when do you that, you are always in danger of seeming rude or... pugneighbors. i don't think he d. -- bug -- pugnacious. high seemed to display extraordinary knowledgeability. i don't think president obama had a bad night in the sense that he was way off his game. he was a lot like the president obama we are used to hearing. i don't think he seemed rusty. but i don't think he had the spark or the energy or the precision tonight that governor romney had. governor rom he in a good night. he didn't have a big moment that becomes a sound bite and affects how people look back on the debate. but this was a strong performance by governor romney. he needed one. i think he got it. >> joe? >> i think romney did himself a lot of good tonight. he was there on the issues. he knew his stuff. he didn't back down to the president or the moderator. and he didn't -- he didn't cross the line because you can do that and i think that wo
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 12:00am PDT
names, decorated with giant spiders and spider webs and ensnaring obama and joe biden dressed as clowns. the theme, a political and financial circus. the couple who is riding on a spider's back will lead the country out of this sticky, weby mess. some people claim the display is disrespectful and possibly racist. the crew says he is caught in the web and not connected to a nearby tree. but racist would say that. so what do owls think about all of this? >> oh come on. say something else. >> he is like a little greg proobst. he looks like you. >> he looks like moi uncle. >> he did. i don't even know him. you are a devout racist. does this impress you, or was it not racist enough? >> i thought it was great there was a hammer and circle on the back of the money. when i go to the bank there is a hammer on everything. if i can flip it through. >> i think there is a war on halloween. i think it has to stop in this country. >> do you know what? i think there is a war on the war on halloween. i want to stop that. >> i think there should be a war on the war on the war on halloween. and then we ha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)